The Performance Piano Restoration company (formerly Allatoona Piano and Krefting Piano) is the leading authority of Steinway grand piano rebuilding. We represent the best solution to serious piano problems. We offer our services to piano technicians and the general public alike. We are a small family company taking great pride in customer satisfaction. You have the assurance that you will get the highest level of professional service from a seasoned piano expert, and not be handed off to an out-sourced general laborer. No matter what your piano's ailment may be, you can benefit from Brian Krefting's 30 years of experience in piano repair, tuning, concert prep, moving, rebuilding, voicing, and technical consultation.

    If your piano tuner has told you that your grand piano won't hold a tuning any more, just won't play well, or has other major issues, we can all meet and discuss the possibilities. If you are a piano technician, and need help with a big repair, please call.